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Preview: Idiot Prayer - Falconer EP

Preview: Idiot Prayer - Falconer EP

Wednesday 23rd March, 2011 10:42AM

As announced a couple of weeks back, Idiot Prayer have new EP coming out via both Muzai Records and Monkey Killer Records. Titled Falconer, the EP will be available digitally and on vinyl and to celebrate it's impending release we have a preview of the the entire EP for you, streaming up till it's official release next week.

You can check listen below and we also asked the band to give us a sentence or two of insight into each track....

Black Black Eyes- Drugs and vaguely unsettling sexual encounters. This was originally called Made of Skin for very little reason before the lyrics gave it some purpose.

100 Ducks- So named as Tim, before heading to Singapore last year for six months, stated his ambition to eat a duck a day for the duration of his stay. After doing the maths, he decided perhaps not.

Sausage Spectrum- What is there to say about Sausage? Sometimes you just need to find a groove, then work your way in and out of it. This one was inspired by the sausages we took to eat at Feastock 2010, the most mind-blowing music festival you've ever been to, hosted in a backyard in Dunedin by members of Alizarin Lizard and Left or Right. Get there if you can.

Beautiful- The most obvious quiet/loud/quiet dynamic yet, coupled with alternatingly tender and mildly disturbing imagery.

Bailterspace- Our not-so-subtle tribute to the mighty purveyors of sonics, Bailterspace. On record an instrumental, live it gets some improvised words, always an excellent excuse to descend into feedback.

This preview has expired - go buy the EP!


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