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Download: Bond Street Bridge -  Now We Are Twenty-Eight

Download: Bond Street Bridge - Now We Are Twenty-Eight

Wednesday 20th April, 2011 10:53AM

Bond Street Bridge aka Sam Prebble is taking some time out from touring and working on releases with other artists to put out his sophomore album Spring Summer Awesome Winter - available in June via Banished From The Universe/Monkey Records (full release details below).

"Now We Are Twenty-Eight" is the first single from the album and has been released as an EP along with two other tracks for free download. Listen via this bandcamp stream and click through to get yourself a copy.

Press Release:

Now we are 28, out this week, is the new single from Bond Street Bridge. The song is from his forthcoming sophomore album Spring Summer Awesome Winter, due out in June on Monkey Records/Banished From The Universe. This album represents the culmination of sporadic recording sessions Bond Street Bridge (aka Sam Prebble) has been fitting in over the past two years in between making albums with The Broken Heartbreakers and Reb Fountain, and touring extensively throughout NZ, Australia and Europe alongside a wide range of acts from NZ's burgeoning folk, pop and psychedelic scenes, including An Emerald City, The Eastern, Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Tim Guy, John White and Hannah Curwood.

Now we are 28 is about getting older older than Percy Shelley, older than Kurt Cobain, older than the illustrious roll-call of bright and doomed artists who made it to 27 and checked out. It's about hoping that maybe there's more to life than looking at things and trying new drinks, but suspecting that there maybe there's not. It's about remembering fast cars and the feeling of being ready for whatever, and it's about the feeling you get when it slips away, and you have to start going to bed before midnight or getting up in the morning will be even more of a pain in the ass. For all that, though, it's got a spring it its step and a sparkle to it.

As well as making the single available for free download from,, and the Bond Street Bridge bandcamp site, Prebble and his partner Emily Cater have made a limited edition run of 100 hand-printed EPs containing the single and versions of two other tracks from the Spring Summer Awesome Winter sessions. The edition is made up of two limited runs fifty featuring a cover image by Sam, and fifty by Emily. The EPs will be available exclusively from shows until they run out.

The song is accompanied by a web-only video shot by Monkey Records' Nigel Braddock on an entirely unsuitable camera while Bond Street Bridge was on tour with Tim Guy through Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK between July and September 2010. On that tour, Sam met up with Berlin-based NZ post-rock psychedelic pioneers An Emerald City just as they were looking for a replacement violinist, so he spent the three months playing and touring with them in between his Bond Street shows. Following a New Zealand tour for the Spring Summer Awesome Winter album release this June with Rosy Tin Teacaddy, he will rejoin An Emerald City on space violin for their extensive European summer tour as well as opening the shows as Bond Street Bridge. Further touring is planned in Europe and back here over the New Zealand summer.


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