Download: Gentlemen - Paper Money

Download: Gentlemen - Paper Money

Monday, 9th May 2011 11:06AM

Press photos replete with bow ties, pipes and spectacles and songs rife with references to croquet, Rifles frontman Thom Brown has a new, dressier musical project. Called Gentlemen, the duo - Brown and Michael J Harding - have popped a download of their first single 'Paper Money' up on their website below a pair of framed portraits. From the press release:

"The duo have been painstakingly recording the soft tones of willow on leather, the click-clack of croquet mallets and the gentle rumblings of a fox hunt. Upon retiring to the smoking room they turn it into charming independent pop. Currently Auckland-based, the pair met whilst courting sisters".

Head over to the Gentlemen website to download the single.

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