Video: WU LYF - Dirt

Video: WU LYF - Dirt

Friday 27th May, 2011 11:27AM

UK buzz band WU LYF (World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation) emerged last year shrouded in mystery but quickly picked up a following with their call to arms style. "Dirt" is their latest video from debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain out next month. These guys are definitely interesting and are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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"buzz band" says it all. Manchester's 1995.

Major label backing from the start, carefully posed photographs, 'mystery' surrounding the band by design ("we'll put towels over our faces! great idea! mysterious!"); "many members" (actually a band of session musicians) etc etc.

Bombastic aren't they?

Vapid load of shit.
Posted by brian f - anonymous 5 years ago

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