Soundwave Revolution 2011 Cancelled

Soundwave Revolution 2011 Cancelled

Wednesday 10th August, 2011 9:20AM

Australian festival Soundwave Revolution has been cancelled. A spin off from the annual Soundwave Festival held during Feb/March, festival organisers announced the cancellation yesterday citing a cancellation by a yet to be announced headline act as the reason, saying...

"we were scheduled to make a second announcement on the 1st August, which had our festival co-headliner on that announcement. Their circumstances changed at the last minute and they had to pull out. And unfortunately we don't have enough time to replace them. And we didn't really want to go ahead with an incomplete line-up." More from the promoter here at The Vine.

Man, that must have been one hell of a headline act! What do you reckon, Metallica?

The promoter of the Sisters of Mercy show at the Powerstation on 22nd September has confirmed that the show will go ahead. Alice Cooper's Australian shows have been confirmed to go ahead so his NZ shows shouldn't be affected.

UPDATE: unfortunately Sisters of Mercy's Auckland show has been cancelled.  More details to come.

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and nothing was lost...
Posted by conebeast - anonymous 5 years ago
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Get this - it was all apparently because of Limp Bizquit. Are you kidding me?! Limp Bizquit. I'd rather have uncontrollable vomitting than have to sit through a Limp Bizquit set. I was actually flying over to OZ for this festival so you can imagine how suckful it is to have it cancelled for a the worst band in the world that wasn't even on the lineup I bought a ticket for.
Posted by D - anonymous 5 years ago
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wtf i was flying over to , plane tikets are freaking dear plus hotels fees ect, wtf the line up was freaking amazing noooo
Posted by anonymous - anonymous 5 years ago
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f**king weak excuse. The lineup loked pretty damn complete enough to me.
Posted by Hannah - anonymous 5 years ago
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Limp Bizkit say they weren't playing this festival. The main rumour at the moment is that Aerosmith pulled out.
Posted by BeShakey - anonymous 5 years ago
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The second band was Aerosmith. Its confirmed. This will be because Steven Tyler didnt want to play second to Van Halen so AJ threw a hissyfit and cancelled the whole festival
Posted by chris - anonymous 5 years ago

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