After two months on the market, beloved Auckland venue The Kings Arms Tavern has been sold for $7.4 million. The future of the tavern came into question in April this year when the France Street property was designated as a Special Housing Area. At... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11957/Auckland-Venue-The-Kings-Arms-Tavern-Sells-For-74-Million.utr'>—more</a></span> 
We could barely be more excited for Fred and Toody Cole's arrival on New Zealand soil next week, but in the meantime we've been lucky enough to get our hands on a clip of the pair being interviewed along with drummer Andrew Loomis (RIP) when... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11958/Watch-Dead-Moon-Interview-From-Their-1992-New-Zealand-Tour.utr'>—more</a></span> 
 One of the progenitors of post-rock with a swish poster reminiscent of Terry Pratchet lore? Colour me impressed! I couldn’t think of many other ways I would rather spend a Friday evening in Auckland city. 

Openers Greenfog slayed the... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11950/Live-Review-Tortoise---Kings-Arms-Auckland--Photos.utr'>—more</a></span> 
It’s comforting to know there’s at least one American ‘Donald’ who will create something of value in 2016. Unlike his orange namesake, Donald Glover has committed his time on earth so far to creating art in each of its forms, one by one...

Click... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11960/Album-Review-Childish-Gambino---Awaken-My-Love.utr'>—more</a></span> 
This weekend, Christchurch country stalwarts The Eastern will celebrate a decade of making music together. Formed in 2006 by core members Adam McGrath and Jess Shanks, the grassroots group have tucked four albums and three EP under their belts, and... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11962/Heres-Ten-The-Eastern.utr'>—more</a></span> 
A new video making use of 360° technology is being unveiled by Don McGlashan for 'Hold Onto You Loneliness', a wistful song lifted off his latest album Lucky Stars. Directed by Ian Hughes and starring actress Kate Elliot, the clip was... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/11956/Video-Don-McGlashan---Hold-Onto-Your-Loneliness-UTR-Premiere.utr'>—more</a></span>

Future City 2017


Thu 8 December
Valhalla, Wellington
Thu 8 December
The Dog's Bollix, Auckland
Thu 8 December
Whammy Bar, Auckland
Thu 8 December
San Fran, Wellington
Thu 8 December
Havana Bar, Wellington
Thu 8 December
Aotea Square, Auckland
Thu 8 December
Real Groovy, Auckland
Thu 8 December
darkroom, Christchurch
Thu 8 December
Bodega, Wellington
—more gigs
Weyes Blood and Circuit Des Yeux
Arthur Ahbez, Borneo and Dave Weir
Sheer Mag
Die! Die! Die! Summer Tour

  1. Ease My Passing by Oscar Dowling
  2. A Hollow Dream by Transistor
  3. Drippin' (Feat. Reggie Hampton) by SWIDT
  4. Hate Somebody by Cut Off Your Hands
  5. Goodbye and Good Luck by Miles Calder and The Rumours
  6. Stay Disappointed by Wax Chattels
  7. Trumphole by Unsanitary Napkin
  8. Cherry Cola by October
  9. Abradive Edits by The Dance Asthmatics
  10. kinghayesfarm by Cleophus