Odd Future Dropped From Big Day Out NZ 2012 Line-Up

Odd Future Dropped From Big Day Out NZ 2012 Line-Up

Monday 7th November, 2011 9:04AM

No stranger to controversy, Odd Future have been dropped from the New Zealand Big Day Out line-up next year due to the hateful nature of some of their lyrics. Reminiscent of the removal of Beanie Man from the line-up in 2010, the story emerged on Friday and has received international media attention.

A protest was put forward to the BDO promoters and the Auckland City Council who were instrumental in getting the act removed from the bill - have the full back story.

Here is the official statement from BDO promoter, Ken West:

"The Auckland City Council has jumped the gun, leaking that Odd Future will no longer be appearing at the Auckland Big Day Out due to lobbyist groups.

We are currently in discussions with Odd Future and will be announcing their own solo show for Auckland in the coming weeks. This does not affect Australia. Last time they played for the government at Vivid!"

The second BDO line-up announcement is expected this week.

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Won't this, in-turn, create more hate and spite? What has this achieved?
Posted by mistakenstrangers 4 years ago
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they don't deserve to be on any line up. there is a difference between just having hateful lyrics and being a bunch of 'shock-factor-seeking' douchebags. The member of the group, Left Brain (obviously lacking most of it) thinks it is his right as an "artist" to do whatever he wants; including the assault of female photographers. f**k them.
Posted by fuckoddfuture - anonymous 4 years ago
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assuming Left Brain thought he had the right as an artist to smack a woman in the face is stupid. Maybe he had at least a decent reason. Anyways, their lyrics are offensive to gays, but they dont mean it. Like when teenagers say "thats so gay" its not really gay. We call annoying people faggots, not meaning to call them homosexual, just as a general insult. Don't take their lyrics so seriously, unless the song has a serious/deep tone, like a decent portion of Tyler's.
Posted by Sam - anonymous 4 years ago
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I can't believe they're being stopped from playing when they have a homosexual member in Odd Future. Truly disappointing.
Posted by Roberto - anonymous 4 years ago

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