RIP Big Day Out New Zealand

RIP Big Day Out New Zealand

Wednesday 18th January, 2012 9:17AM

BDO promoter Ken West announced last night that this year's Big Day Out will be New Zealand's last. Despite most years being near-sell outs, West revealed that the Auckland festival is 'no longer financially viable'.

While not altogether surprising given the festival's recent slim down and confirmed poor ticket sales, we're not totally convinced it is actually the end - but hey after over a decade of looking forward to the festival each year maybe we just don't WANT to believe...

If you feel like a trip down memory lane - click here to browse the line-ups over the years - so many good memories.

Here is TV3's coverage of the announcement featuring Ken West and here's a piece by David Farrier who was one first to hear the news.

What do you think of BDO calling it quits on us? What have been some of your highlights?

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I still think if the lineup was stronger this woudnt have happened.

Anyway bring over soundwave and see how that does!

Posted by Sam - anonymous 4 years ago
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Agree with Sam, if only the line up was somewhat decent, as the past years have been. This is bullsh*t. Now what do we have, nothing, except Laneway which is good in its own right but just not the same when you want that massive day out with sh*tloads of international acts and insane amounts of hednonistic FUN! Sad.
Posted by CM - anonymous 4 years ago
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The lineup has become steadily more rubbish year on year. This was a festival for music lovers, not commercial followers. Its also far too teenage centric now. I mean Kanye West..? Jesus. If someone else is going to start a festival to fill the gap, and there will be a gap, they need to concentrate on quality acts not just top sellers on itunes.
Posted by MarkW - anonymous 4 years ago
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Posted by ODDFUTURE - anonymous 4 years ago

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