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Album Review: Atlas Sound - Parallax

Album Review: Atlas Sound - Parallax

Tuesday 24th January, 2012 10:41AM

Bradford Cox is a very deep unique man. His presence among his musical contemporaries and critics is surpassed by very few. Whether heís releasing music through his band Deerhunter, or his solo moniker Atlas Sound, each release is welcomed with great anticipation and excitement. His latest effort, Atlas Soundís Parallax, is no different and it does very little to alter Coxís image as a sensitive, awkward, distant, yet wholly talented individual. Sonically, Parallax is a musical sensation that possesses beautiful melodies, breezy chords, and charming space-like production. Yet itís lyrical content is another beast. Cox narrates on extreme loneliness, distance, and perspective. Parallaxís musical and lyrical elements form a tragically superb piece of work.

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