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Album Review: Pumice - Puny

Album Review: Pumice - Puny

Friday 23rd March, 2012 9:40AM

There are a number of approaches when it comes to making music. At one end of the spectrum, there is art-as-commerce: music seemingly written with the intention of generating fame and money and not generally considered to be the form’s creative high water mark. At the extreme opposite end, there is basically art for arts sake. This end can often be an emotional wasteland, where the intellect reigns supreme and the listener can feel alienated or ignored. Fortunately, with such broad generalisations there are always exceptions. And in the case of Pumice’s latest offering Puny, the exception is not just unusual it’s extraordinary.

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We will be streaming this album in full next week with a great track by track commentary - do look out for it.

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