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Jaz Coleman Hints At Killing Joke New Zealand Tour

Jaz Coleman Hints At Killing Joke New Zealand Tour

Thursday 29th March, 2012 2:45PM

That Killing Joke have never played in NZ,  despite Jaz Coleman spending much of his time here, is a bit of sore point for local fans. But it looks like the wait may be over with Coleman telling us in an interview yesterday regarding new album MMXII (2012) that he's bringing the band out at the end of the year.  Time will tell of course but here's what Coleman had to say about it when we asked about an 'End of the World' festival that he mentioned in this interview:

"I was talking to the promoters yesterday and we just canít pull it off in time. Youíre going to have to petition Mr. Campbell - the promoter of The Powerstation - because we want to do it but he doesnít think we can pull it off in nine months time.
What I am going to do - which is Plan B - is I'm still going to bring Killing Joke out here. I want to do talks and lectures and I want us to stand shoulder to shoulder over here as we move into a new age, which is not the end of the world, so donít worry!

This quote came at the end of a long an enlightening conversation in which Coleman discussed the 2012 apocalypse, witchcraft and the international banking system, among other things. Full interview coming soon along with a stream of the new album - watch this space!


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