Watch: Tupac Shakur Hologram Performance at Coachella 2012

Watch: Tupac Shakur Hologram Performance at Coachella 2012

Tuesday 17th April, 2012 9:34AM

Coachella have really outdone themselves this year, keeping the net abuzz with live streams of the event allowing folks worldwide to experience the festival and then to top it all off,  bringing the late Tupac Shakur back to life via hologram to perform with Snoop Dogg. While no means a first, Japan's biggest pop star - the virtual Hatsune Miku - has been performing for years in hologram form, it will no doubt get the ball rolling for similar resurrections or maybe even as a way for mega-artists to make appearances around the world.

Here's a clip of the creepily realistic Tupac hologram performance.

MTV have posted an exclusive interview with the creator of the hologram - click HERE to read.

Hatsune Miku performing live...

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This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliance technology can bring to art. It is through art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performers and minds of our time. What a tribute this was to a legendary hip hop artist. You can see some more 2Pac art on my artistís blog with a surreal illustration I made in memoriam recently at
Posted by Brandt Hardin - anonymous 4 years ago

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