Album Review

Fromage du Pouvoir

Fromage du Pouvoir

by The Dhdfds

Mole Music
8.5 / 10
28th November 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

Ho’ shi - this album sounds like snakes have attacked an army of communists. A fair amount of scattering and disarray but there's no real panic because they’ll get back into formation eventually. This troop of youngins from Pt Chev have kindly released this their second offering to the world. I'm confused. But that’s a good thing. It's interesting. They shout, contort and shift uncomfortably and easily throughout snappy songs showing some of the band's excellent talent (the rest you have to see live). Lets sum it it up: it's punk, with smart time signatures and an abandonment to standard songwriting - you'd put this in a boat with: Ghidrah, Fantomas, Militia, The Oxes, The Mint Chicks, Missing Teeth.

Oh and if you use Google Translate - Fromage du Pouvoir means Cheese Power in French - awesome!