Album Review



by The Mint Chicks

Flying Nun
8.9 / 10
22 March 09

Reviewed by Undertheradar

The crowning glory of the local music industry - the last bastion of hope.

It doesnít come around often that a band get to their third album, let alone unscathed.

But itís a time for exceptions.

What has set The Mint Chicks apart from their counter rivals is natural song writing ability.

Since Opium for the People, they have hinted at the direction they could take, one that would separate them from the other jump around screamo bands at the time. And then leading onto Crazy Yes Dumb No, Kodyís true talent came through with the most dominating album to come from NZ in years.

This new album Screens is a path not too far from their last album and Iíd be hard pressed to pin point this, but I like a challenge. Fifties inspired progressions with bedroom DIY instead of smooth studio sounds but rather the grittier side of the effect spectrum. This is The Mint Chicks synthesized.

Thereís still the heavy lead of the vocal steering the album but the musical side of Ruban is not be messed with. Songs can turn at any given moment without the slightest sense of disjointedness.

Itís a worthy album for listening, playing fuckn loud, studying songwriting, hell what ever you feel like.