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Years of Refusal

Years of Refusal

by Morrissey

6.7 / 10

Reviewed by Undertheradar

I guess you always want Morrissey to be with a light guitar English sound, nervous band mates and a rebellious front. I guess The Smiths to be honest, but Morrissey hasnít let the past get in the way too much with this new album.

It's almost rocky with riffy guitars and superloud compressed drums, but there's no denying Morrisseys distinct voice and vocal characteristics; somewhat sour and bittersweet. And this really is what listening to Morrissey is today, focus on lyrics and vocals and an interchangeable backing group. Fans of Morrissey will die for this, others might find nostalgia factors.

Total: 1
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The truth about Morrissey is that his music is accessable and quite smoothly produced, but he doesn't cast a big 'shadow' over the pop market so that kids and music fans feel somehow connected with his work. Plus he does irony/wit/whatever.

I've often been slightly annoyed at how throwaway/lightweight Morrisseys solo sets are. For instance the CD Bona Drag or parts of Your Arsenal. Hes great, but clearly reviewers faun over him and create this 'Morrissey Ediface' that procedes whatever kind of album he's made, with the kind of writerly comments you'd save for a book review or something.

Oh, and the other thing - he's good looking.
Posted by 10200 7 years ago

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