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Phrazes For The Young

Phrazes For The Young

by Julian Casablancas

6.5 / 10
13th December 2009

Reviewed by M.O

It all started out so promising, following the first listen to Julian Casablancas' debut solo single "11th Dimension" I was ready to scream from the rooftops proclaiming the proficiency of The Strokes front man and what I anticipated would be great debut solo album.

Casablancas certainly had the right idea going into making Phrazes For The Young. High energy textured synth, paired with programmed drum beats and vocal melodies that would be at home on any of the previous Strokes records. It has to be said that Casablancas sloppy vocal styling certainly has emerged as one of the most recognizable and influential voices for the last decade. Many an imitator has come and gone and many vocalist today continue to imitate his aural swagger, all this said and done, Phrazes just falls a little flat.

The eight track disk does boast some great individual tracks(the Nashville country/crooner feel of "Ludlow Street" is a stand out) but over all it never really seems to engage the listener. There aren't really any new ideas to this release; nothing that progresses Casablancas above what we've all heard from him before.

For any fans of The Strokes this is pleasurable listen, it won't blow your mind but it will hold up as a great soundtrack for the coming summer. Definitely worth the purchase if only for "11th Dimension" alone, arguably the best song to come out of 2009.

Total: 3
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How can you only give this 6.5? were you listening to it? This album is epic it emulates everything that is awesome in music it combines so many genres and makes it work. i wish it was longer but somehow it you sort of dont really mind because the rhythm and melodies of the songs are so well produced and executed. i really dont understand what is so wrong with this album that it deserves a 6.5, i think people might have been expecting a strokes style album so they were disapointed- thats the only reasoni can think of that you could give this amazing album such a low rating.
Posted by 19734 6 years ago

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I agree with Rach, Phrazes is an awesome album. I didn't expect Julian's debut to be as good as any of the Strokes album but it turns out that its up there with them. Glass is the highlight of the album for me
Posted by 21618 6 years ago

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Completely agree. Still addicted to this album nearly two years later. Shame on you for such a low rating.
Posted by 22514 4 years ago

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