Album Review

The Flying Club Cup

The Flying Club Cup

by Beirut

8.9 / 10
27th January 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

Beirut is an interesting option.

It's hard to fit this folk/world styled music into any modern day playlist, well at least any from my lot.

I happened to come across Beirut playing an indie rock festival in Europe and it just didn't seem to fit. But maybe it was more a case of the all the other acts just being too normal, too samey.

This is the second full length by Beirut, the one man band controlled by 22 year old singer Zach Condon. It comes across sounding like Sergio Mendez and the Brazil 66 in parts, and follows other old crooners (Elvis/Sanatra) and modern day men (Rufus Wainright) in others, but I can t be that black and white about this music. It does have it's own flavour which is just on the tip of my tongue.

It's a good collection of songs that sound void of all current music trends which in essence makes it sound timeless; like being an extra in a summer Euro Hitchcock film, kind of.

Very good