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Album Review
Sea Lion

Sea Lion
by Ruby Suns


Review Date
8th February 2008
Reviewed by

I had the privilege of driving past Tane Mahuta while listening to The Ruby Suns new record, Sea Lion.

Weird. Very very strange hearing what I regarded as a fairly straight ahead bubble pop group take grip of what can only be described at some stages as pacific/world pop music.

Itís an interesting approach, and although it leaves you feeling a little disjointed itís actually quite rewarding. Thereís overtones of Panda Bear (recent Pitchfork album of the year) and the Beach Boys, partly to do with Ryans Californian accent coming though but mostly in itís pop sensibility.

I really enjoyed the tracks Kenya Dig It, and There Are Birds where the group seem most at home, but the entire package is quite a journey. I liken it to something like flying into Fantasy island, (yíknow Ďzee plane, zee plane..í )_touching down on the runway and being greeted by a welcoming committee of friendlys. Mmm summer. And it really is a great summer album, perfect for the outside deck, or the drive to the beach.

Well done

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