Album Review

Vol 2

Vol 2

by Wooden Shjips

Sick Thirst
8.2 / 10
3rd May 2010

Reviewed by Undertheradar

Vol 2 is a series of lost and hard-to-find songs from San Fran band Wooden Shjips including versions of Neil Young's "Vampire Blues" and Serge Gainsbourg's "Contact".

Like all Wooden Shjips musical endeavours this album doesn’t tread far from their fuzz’d out highway jams, a signature that perhaps wasn’t invented by them but it’s a tradition I think needs to be kept.

Strong focus on bass level, repetition and scattered guitar lines with the ‘shout into the wild’ vocals make for a powerful combination to leave you lost in the music. Songs don’t seem to start and end on this album, just slightly change their relaxed mood.