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Nobodys Daughter

Nobodys Daughter

by Hole

5 / 10
19th May 2010

Reviewed by Courtney Sanders

An open letter to Courtney Love:

Ah Courtney Love how I um, loved, no! admired you! Youíre marriage to Kurt Cobain coupled with your celebratized dislocation from society, angst at the world and general tumultuous emotions. At thirteen I felt I embodied everything that you were, you wanted and didnít want to be an listened to where you poured your earnest emoticon into Ė your music, and where your partner did too, and where a few less critically accepted grunge-era heartthrobs(?) poured theirs into (Temple of the Dog anyone?). ĎCelebrity Skiní and Live Through This spoke to me as clearly as if I lived on the West Coast wore petticoats and smudged lipstick (which I did, stolen from my mother), and they spoke to a generation of teen girls and beyond (bear in mind that my generation didnít experience Courtney Love first time round) who idolized Hole, Garbage and The Cardigans with a vigor akin (and before the proper internet!) to Justin Beiber-mania, and we felt empowered!

Unfortunately, I think the time where your eloquence has power is over. Your scowling vocal is the same, yes, but so is your guitar, so is everything! And thereís no Melissa Auf der Maur to back you up. Your high heels arenít as prickly, your lyrical couplets not as biting, and your general vibe less aggressive and more aggregate. Youíve had another twenty years to figure things out! Why are you still so messed up! Youíre a mother! Maybe stick to that these days? Im sorry Courtney, I wanted to like it, I wanted to cry with it, I wanted to call pals and discuss how the lyrics related exactly to my situation. But I think Iím beyond it. And I think you should be too.

Total: 4
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This review is probably spot on... but you show no evidence you listened to the album at all
Posted by 7880 6 years ago

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yeah i'm not a fan of Courtney Love's music particularly but this review just seems a bit shallow & gross. Wouldn't that be a good thing that Melissa Auf der Maur isn't backing her up?

I don't know, I think most UTR reviewers are pretty good but this one drops the bar a bit. She seems to want to talk about herself more than actually review which would be ok if she was some kind of personality but i'm sure most readers don't know who she is. Her reviews just seem to swing between being bitchy to disgustingly earnest.
Posted by - anonymous 6 years ago

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hey, "your", not "you're"

regards, your neighbourhood spelling nazi
Posted by 9279 6 years ago

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"but what's the album like?"
Posted by 24575 5 years ago

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