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Album Review
Mountain Battles

Mountain Battles
by The Breeders


Review Date
25th April 08
Reviewed by

Just like the albums title is called Mountain Battles so is the instant similarity to Janes Addictionís Mountain Song.


Itís a strange relationship but the essence of both bands is the same, especially on opener Overglazed and the over all feel.

Once the album steps into Night Of Joy, I was convinced this is a really worthy release, a breath of fresh air with a freedom that only comes from a wealth of experience.

Itís still packed with the bare bones Breeders from past and has almost un-genreable sound. They sound likeÖ.. the BreedersÖ actually sometimes like Dunedins Mestar

Band director Kim Dealís simple and effective song writing is in full swing on this album, with songs ranging from dreamy back to the original high tempo Breeders sound.

Out now through 4AD/The Label NZ

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