Album Review

Slight of Heart

Slight of Heart

by Malcolm Middleton

8.1 / 10
9th May 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

It's Malcolm Middleton, one half of Arab Strap, the kinda depressing duo from Glasgow.

I first heard of Arab Strap through a song on the Mogwai album Young Team ‘R U into it’, which featured other half Aidan Moffat. Direct, sobering to the point vocals, which is present in Middletons sound.

Slight of heart is Middletons 4th full length album. It’s a rather upbeat, more positive bunch of songs than I was expecting. Big, drifty tunes that meander along with not a lot of destination, but that’s the charm here, I think.

He really is good at putting a bitter sweet tinge to things. Like the lyric “Tired at the thought that if I sleep it only brings a new tomorrow”. It’s grim, it really is but spare a thought for his grey surroundings of Glasgow and having to spend 10 years with fellow grim reaper Aidan Moffat, I might be a little low too.

It might be the kiwi ‘she’ll be right’ attitude that makes me like this music. For fans of Smog, Will Oldham