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Oracular Spectacular

Oracular Spectacular


8.4 / 10
10th May 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

This was gonna be a hard one. Already, with its praises being sung from all sectors of the music press, it was set up to be slammed.

But it's impossible. From the starting song Time to Pretend, I was converted. Dave Fridmann has once again applied his producing expertise (known for his work in Mogwaiís CODY, Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips) and brought MGMT out of the speakers.

Thatís not to say they would be lost without him. There songs are brimming with hooks and what feels like a message to everyone listening, which is probably its main factor for its over all breakthrough.

I hear people on C4, BFM, the EDGE, random non music lovers all singing their praise.

It has a sound not so un-similar to the Flaming Lips and Ween to some extent. But itís the songs like Kids and Time To Pretend which really stand out here. Big synth bass, ocatave pushing, with cutesty, higher frequency synth sounds over top and an almost dance disco beat all toped off with songs which apply the chorus-chorus-chorus approach. Huge! V Good.

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