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Album Review
Pieces of You, Pieces of Meese

Pieces of You, Pieces of Meese
by Meese


Review Date
18th October 2011
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

So Meese - a band from now who sound like bands from the 90ís who basically sounded like bands from the 70ís who wanted to sound like bands from 50-60s (who were kind of ripping off bands from the 40ís) - the serpent is indeed devouring it's own tale.  I wonder what tail tastes like...hopefully better than arse because there is definitely a difference between recycling and homage. But I think itís safe to say Meese have got that distinction just right.

There is no doubt what period of music Meese are into.  Plotting a course that takes in Archers Of Loaf, Garageland,  Weezer, Superchunk and the 3Ds, Pieces of YouÖ has got the slacker vibe in spades. Itís basically like listening to American college radio circa 1995: Itís rough-around-the-edges alternative pop with some punk infusions. You canít really tell what the songs are about: the singing oscillates between droney and shouty but itís not with out charm or hooks. I imagine this could be a lot of fun live or drunk. Much like the 90s.

Meese like to mix it up too. Opening track Splinter is energetic and to the point.  In fact, much of the initial material has that feel to it. But by track 7 or 8 the intensity has peaked. Quell and 813 demonstrate Meeseís less frantic side. And the last track is worth the wait, a nice depressing dirge to finish off the record fittingly titled 'Dead End Song'.

Basically, Pieces of You.. is a nice homage to some of the musical highpoints of one of popular musicís less mined eras. If you were there, you might struggle to see the point, but forget about that Ė youíre over thinking. This is fun. There are good songs and a good feel. Thatís about all that matters really.


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