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Album Review
French Fries

French Fries
by The DHDFD's

Hell Is Now Love

Review Date
9th May 2012
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

The DHDFDs have developed a reputation for their live shows. Loud, chaotic and confrontational, the band tends to leave an impression. But when it comes time to make a record, these are qualities difficult to capture. No one can tell that you are singing while hanging upside down off the light truss when its coming out of their speakers.  However, their latest release and first full-length album French Fries has certainly captured the essence of the DHDFDs aural assault.

Not known for their subtlety, the DHDFDs kick off this album with their characteristic wall of noise. 'Wasting My Time' doesnt waste any time getting up to speed or hanging around, clocking in at a generous 1:18min. If you are not a fan of frenetic guitar playing, driving rhythms and frenzied vocal caterwauling then French Fries isnt for you. Too bad. You miss out.

Theres a certain whiplash effect that the DHDFDs have always had. With their musical OCD chopping and changing and genre hopping, there is never a dull moment. However, compared to earlier releases like Fromage Du Pouvoir or Pastor of Muppets, French Fries is more refined and focused. I would hesitate to say mature its not an adjective that seems appropriate here. But more importantly: there are some great tracks here theres the awkward yet strangely compelling disco frenzy of 'Babysitters Club', the unexpected dark ambient brooding of 'Smang' and the blast beat attack of Pessimist. Its a relentless listen with hardly an opportunity to catch your breath.

French Fries is a success. While not a facsimile of their live show, the DHDFDs aesthetic is in full effect. Producer Kody Nielson has done a great job capturing their energy while only leaving the slightest fingerprint around the edges. This is an uncompromising release from an uncompromising band. They dont need you to like but you should listen anyway.

Wasting My Time
Wasting My Time, by The Dhdfds