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by No Age

9.2 / 10
10th August 2008

Reviewed by Undertheradar

Few and far between I hear albums that sound as pure as this, music back to the fundamentals at which it was inspired.

2 Piece US indie group No Age have managed to add fuel into a sometimes tired old alt/indie scene, with this album Nouns offering a rich experience of whirlwind tunes which explain that itís not the $$ or fame that makes an album, itís the idea and the delivery.

I cannot stop playing it since it fell into my hands.


Total: 3
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Hmm interesting review. I'd definitely agree with the entire review (bar the second to last sentence), however I'd take it down a notch because simply, it didn't grab me by the balls as much as it did with the reviewer.

So I agree with it, but on a watered down level. If that makes any sense; which it probably doesn't.

Great cover art too.

Posted by 3741 8 years ago

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I understand what you're saying Joshua...
Posted by 10493 7 years ago

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Best album theyve done
Posted by - anonymous 6 years ago

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