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Album Review
Only By The Night

Only By The Night
by Kings Of Leon


Review Date
18th September 2008
Reviewed by

I like Kings Of Leon. I like that it sounds good when Iím driving and I like that they were great live at our Big Day Out.

They were the band that you kind of feel happy that they made it into the mainstream, with their mumbled verses and sinister preacher background.

But mainstream they are now, with only a fraction difference from Bryan Adams and other soft 90s bands. They have certainly moved from niche to stadium rockers, with anthems to boot. Not that this in entirely a bad thing (this void needs to be filled) but I find it hard to see past ďsex on fireĒ. Seriously? Seems like they might have been swayed by the marketers on that one Ö"You know, youíll see 7.8% more sales if you use the words sex and fire in your choruses...", oh well at least their mugs arenít on the album cover.

They are still a great rock band,  and there is still hope , but it's time for me to let go.

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