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Music Videos

Cater for Lovers by Tim Guy

James Solomon
2008 Cater for Lovers is the second single off Tim Guy’s second album ‘Hummabyes’ and features the heavenly backing vocals of Anika Moa and Anna Coddington.

This is a beautiful video built around traditional non-digital special effects of scale and perspective.

It is the story of a shy girl and an artistic man who connect through her doll's house which they are then transported into. Inside the doll's house they travel through four different time periods: Edwardian, '50s, '70s and present day and explore how their relationship could have been.

The video is reminiscent of the work of the French film director Michel Gondry (Science of Sleep) in how turns its back on high-tech effects for a more playful low-fi feel which perfectly complements Tim's music.

This NZ on Air funded clip is directed by James Solomon stars Leisha Ward-Knox and Tim Guy, and was shot by Richard Harling with production design by Shayne
Radford and Leah Morgan and post-production by Nigel Mortimer.

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