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Loui the ZU

Loui the ZU

Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Thursday 31st May, 2012 9:06AM

Newcomer Loui the ZU has been garnering a tonne of hype for his aesthetically pleasing hip hop and played an excellent set at 95bFM's Fancy New Band showcase last Friday to cement it. UTR caught up with Loui to chat about what he's working on and let him explain his rapidly growing popularity.

How did Loui the ZU start?

Loui The ZU started with me having an interest in entertainment. At first I was a dancer, took acting classes and ended up finding my way into music about 3 years ago.

For people who aren't familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

Rap or alternative-rap.

What musicians have inspired your sound?

John Mayer (in lyric songwriting and melody), Kanye West ( in lyric songwriting & mixing) Jay-Z (in flow and self assurance), The Cool Kids (in production), The Dream (in songwriting and production), Bon Iver (in songwriting), Paul Simons (in lyric songwriting).

Are you working on any releases at the moment?

Yep! My debut single, 'Fake Friends' from my album will come out in August. We've also got a deal in the works that will include another EP before the album.

You've garnered a lot of attention really quickly: why do you think this is?

I don't think i have a lot of hype but I think people like me 'cause the music is good and the potential I have is great. I'm young, I dress well and I'm not just making music 'just because' I represent something we don't have yet. Think about songs like 'Listen To your Heart', 'Stranger', 'I Want You To Know'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we have rap music that sounds like that.

The live show has helped a bit too.

What are your thoughts on the New Zealand music scene at the moment?

I think it's cool! NZ has soo much talent especially on the alternative side. It's great. I don't really know if we have a strong or weak scene as I don't really know what other scene to compare it too so I can't really comment on that. My experience has been great. It seems like Loui The ZU is being received well by all the people who seem really tough to please.

What have some of the highlights been for Loui The ZU thus far?

Playing the Kings Arms for bFMs Fancy New Band showcase was a highlight for sure! Doing my bFM Fancy new Band slot with Charlotte was great. Releasing LBSB, playing at Parachute, gettig free clothes & having people tell me they really get touched by music.

What is your focus for 2012?

Release the single, write the album, get to know my fans better and prepare for my year of domination in 2013.


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