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Below you'll find tips, links and answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our site and services.

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View all tickets we currently have on sale here:

Grab our mobile app from your app store - it's free! You can purchase tickets, display your tickets to gain entry, keep up with our music news and browse the gig guide.


I can't find my tickets...

No problem, you can access your tickets via the site, just log in and go to 'My UTR' and then 'My Tickets'.

You can also display your tickets on your phone either by accessing the site as above or via our mobile app available for both iPhone and Android smart phones.

Not there?

If you haven't already, please check to see if our confirmation email has landed in your spam or promotions folder.

If not there, please add and to your contacts to ensure future correspondence goes directly to your inbox.

Not there either?

Your tickets may have been purchased using a different email address/account from the one you are checking. Try the above with other email addresses/accounts if that is a possibility. If not, contact our helpdesk and we'll track them down for you.


Postponed or cancelled show

If a show is postponed or cancelled we will email all ticket holders and there will be refund options until the cut off date (Cancelled shows will be refunded). Check our support page for details:


My card keeps declining...

For privacy reasons we are given very little info as to why a card is declined. If you're sure it's not declining due to insufficient funds or card information being entered incorrectly, then best contact your bank.

What does BF stand for?

BF stands for booking fee, a per ticket charge that is added onto the ticket price.

What does GA stand for?

GA - General Admission refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I take my under 18 kid to an R18 Event?

Usually this is not allowed. Please check with the venue directly to see their policy.

I purchased multiple tickets but only received one ticket - how does that work?

We issue one ticket that is valid for the entries you purchased whether that be one or three (for example). You can still attend separately from the other ticket holders if you wish, you just need to make sure those not attending with you have a copy of the ticket. If you are heading along together though you just need to present the one ticket.

Doh! I purchased tickets to the wrong city...

In most cases a simple transfer is possible, contact our helpdesk ASAP to discuss further:


If you make this discovery on the night of the show and outside of standard business hours, it's unlikely we'll be able to help you in time. Best just head along to the show and try to get in using the ticket you have.

Can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable but you can sell them on at the same price or less (we cannot facilitate this).

I can't print my ticket, can I just show ID?

If you don't provide a copy of your ticket upon entry, either printed or on your phone, you risk not being allowed into the show without refund.

See the next question for instructions on how to show your ticket on your phone. If that's not an option, you could print your ticket at a print store, internet cafe or library.

How do I get my tickets on my phone?


Grab our mobile app, select MY TIX, log in and your purchases should be there to view/display.


Open the print ticket link from your confirmation email on your phone.


Head to the site, log in and go to My UTR, then My Tickets and you'll find a list of your ticket purchases with options to display or email.

I don't have a credit/debit card...

All tickets $10 and over are available via our retailer partners where you can purchase with cash/eftpos:

Auckland - Flying Out (80 Pitt Street)
Wellington Rough Peel Music (173 Cuba Street)
Dunedin - Relics Music (86 St Andrew St)

Doorsales are also often available but if you fear a show will sell out and can't get to a retailer, get in touch and we'll see what we can do:


Why can I only buy one ticket at a time?

When an allocation of tickets gets below ten, purchases are limited to one ticket at a time to ensure the show is not oversold.

I would like to purchase more than five tickets for a show but don't want to incur extra booking fees...

Booking fees are charged per ticket not per purchase so buying tickets over multiple purchases will not affect the price you pay.

Can I talk to someone over the phone?

We provide an online only service and as such do not provide sales or support over the phone sorry. We understand this can feel frustrating in urgent situations but please trust us, we will resolve your question/concern asap.


How do I use my Undertheradar gift voucher?

We are currently processing vouchers manually while we upgrade the system. Please contact us via the help desk to use your voucher


Who is Undertheradar? is a New Zealand owned and operated music website that was launched in 2004. As a ticketing service, UTR lists and sells tickets on behalf of the person/entity putting on the show and this is usually a touring company, venue, artist, agent or label. Contact our helpdesk if you'd like further info:


Is my credit card info safe?

Undertheradar does not process or store any credit card information, we leave that to the experts over at Payment Express - New Zealand's leading payment solutions provider.

How do I sell tickets to my event on Undertheradar?

Head over here for more information or you can also find information via your 'Gig Manager' - click 'Sell Tickets' next to the relevant show/shows.


I have a show on sale with Undertheradar and need some help?

Contact us here



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The site doesn't recognise my email address?

Firstly, if you have a few different email addresses try those and if you still have no luck get in touch via our helpdesk and we'll double check your account information.

GMail users check your promotions folder.


I am trying to reset my password but nothing seems to happen...

If you haven't already, please check to see if our message has landed in your spam folder. Gmail users check your 'promotions' folder. If not there, please add and to your contacts to ensure future correspondence goes directly to your inbox.

No luck? Be sure you are entering the email address associated with the account - contact our helpdesk if you want to double check your account information:



Tips and Tricks:

Click here to add your gig.

Click here to resize your poster.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gig Guide

I have a tour to add to the gig guide, do I have to enter every date individually?

Yes you do but to make this easier be sure to select 'Add a similar gig' after adding each show, this will carry over all the general show information (title, links, tags, genre etc) so that you only need to update the venue and date each time (and support acts if these differ).

My listing hasn't been approved yet...

Please allow 24 hours for your listing to be approved.

I added an event but it has disappeared...

It's possible the event didn't fit our listing criteria (our guide is for original music events only) or it could have been deleted by mistake. If you are confident the event is relevant to the gig guide, try listing again or contact our helpdesk.

I can't find the venue for my show in your list...

Double check nearby locations or options with/without a 'The'. If still no go, you can add the venue here:

Add a venue: click here

Contact our helpdesk if the location you are wanting to add the venue to is not available:


How do I add a poster/image?

You must add your gig before you can link a poster/image to it. Make sure the image is a JPEG and is no larger than 1MB - you can resize your image here.

If you continue to have issues contact our helpdesk:


How do I sell tickets to my event on Undertheradar?

Head over here for more information or you can also find information via your 'Gig Manager' - click 'Sell Tickets' next to the relevant show/shows.

How do I advertise my gig on Undertheradar?

Advertising options for gigs specifically are available via your Gig Manager and are priced from $10 - simply click 'Place Ad' next to the show for options.

For more extensive options for larger shows/tours for a copy of our latest ratecard.


I am listing shows for my venue, is there a way to make this quicker?

Sure is, add the venue to your favourites (log in, locate the venue via search and click 'add to favourites') so you can pick it straight away rather than sifting through the full city list.

How can I update the listing for our venue...

Contact our helpdesk and we'll organise for you to have editing rights over the venue.

Can I get a UTR gig guide feed for my site?

Sure can! Contact our helpdesk for options:


Please contact us via support if you are a promoter interested in listing a show for sale with us or if you've listed tickets and require help.