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Interviewed by
Danielle Street
Tuesday 5th June, 2012 9:46AM

Four-piece Gatherer spent the last two years working on debut album So Be It, which is released this month. The prog-rock expatriates have drawn on a wealth of experiences to put together the 40-minute album that features their trademark wall of syncopated rhythms and haunting melodies. UTR had a chat with singer and bassist Samuel K on the eve of the album’s release.

Your debut album So Be It is out this month, how does it feel to let this long-term project finally out into the world?

I feel a huge sense of relief that I can finally move forward with So Be It. I can't wait for to be touring it properly and sharing our music.

What impact has living in Melbourne had on your sound?

We've been through so much together now. We lived in the same room together for months, we lived in a friends garage. Our music took a shift from 'get it all out' to mostly a reflection of what we're going through. We slowed down a bit, shed some of the angst. It still feels like the transition is in motion even now.

Also, we're now surrounded by some of our best friends who moved here a long time before us. Bands like All The Colours, with members of Betchadupa, 1QA and Miami Horror. That stuff - their taste and journey with music - rubs off for sure.

Is a lot of the material on the album older material from Wellington days, or did you begin to write again when you got to Australia?

Most of the album is from material we've written over here. There's a couple of songs that began in Wellington, but most of it is new.

Relocating a four-piece band must be a bit of a logistical nightmare, why the decision to move Gatherer to Melbourne?

We originally moved over as a three piece. I guess it's the same story as most Kiwi bands that relocate. We weren't in a position to build our career in New Zealand.

What were some of the main challenges that arose from the move?

Money, for sure. Self doubt, not being sure if it was the right thing to do. Moving country, even to somewhere as easy and close as Australia, is a huge life lesson.

If you could tele-transport any one thing from hometown Wellington, what would it be?


Can you tell me a bit about recording So Be It?

We began tracking in March 2010. I work as an audio engineer, so we did drums in one of the studios I frequent. The rest was in my bedroom at home. The whole thing has been finished for over a year.

What was the most important thing for you to achieve in the studio while recording the album?

We didn't really have any goals. We've never set out to 'achieve' anything in particular with our songs. Gatherer has and always will be an expression of where we are at the time.

Who are the main musical influences for Gatherer?

This is such a hard question to answer. I like to think we have a really diverse collective taste in music. I don't think I listen to any bands that sound like Gatherer.

What is your favourite song on So Be It, and why?

I think my favourite song is Camp Creative. Just because.

What plans does the band have now that the album is out?

We start touring in a couple of weeks, and the plan is to continue doing so. We're all feeling good about this band, and it's all we really know.


So Be It is out now on itunes with physical copies available from Friday 8th June - Preorder HERE.

And you can catch Gatherer in New Zealand later this month - see below for dates and to get tickets.


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