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Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Monday 1st October, 2012 7:29AM

Auckland post punk band HDSPNS are due to release their debut EP EAI EP. We caught up with Liam Kiely to chat about how the band started, what they're currently working on and what they're planning on achieving over the next year or so.

How did HDSPNS start?

HDSPNS started when it was our first gig, and Ben, without consulting the rest of the band, wrote Headspins down, so it's kinda been our name since, much to Toby's dismay: Toby hated the name so much he ate the vowels.

For people who haven't heard you, how would you describe your sound?

A driving rhythm section and piercing guitars. We have fourteen pedals between us.

If you had to name a few main influences, what would you say?

Bands like, Battles, Foals, Don Caballero, Joy Division, Liars, Animal Collective, Gang of Four, Fuck Buttons. Kind of a mix of math, post-punk, and noise bands. HDSPNS is like a sponge, we just soak up all the s**t.

You're preparing to release an EP, tell us a little bit about writing and recording that?

We recorded it twice, the first time we weren't too stoked with it because we're picky bastards. Rikki from Poor You Poor Me, Space Ventura, Dear Times Waste, Trees Climbing Trees, and Cool Rainbows recorded and mixed it. It's a mix of some of the first songs we wrote as well as some newer ones, which are more of a hint of our direction. Most of our songs start off as hazy jams which we then refine. Jamming is a big part of what we do, especially with our live show where we try and keep it fluid as possible as a cohesive performance with no pauses between songs.

Are there any main themes or sounds you were going for on the EP?

Basically we have heaps of pedals, and we like making strange sounds, Ben (Leonard) basically tries to find a new trick each song, which the makes the songs pretty varied and I've got three delays pedals. Three. We'd like to thank Line 6 DL4. And Artie's parents for having him.

You guys have been kicking around the Auckland music scene for a little while now: what are your thoughts on the state of it? Do you think there are good bands at the moment? Good venues? Is it supportive?

Yes.Yes.Yes. There's a real strong community in Auckland, and a lot of the bands we know are getting more ambitious in terms of what they're doing which is great, things like Rackets and Beach Pigs Full Mango tour have been amazing.

And what do you think of the New Zealand music industry more generally?

More food riders please.

What are the future plans for HDSPNS?

Once the EP is out, we're gonna start writing some new material which we hopefully will be releasing with a film next year. And maybe start practicing again. Maybe.


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