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Sacred Bones Records

Sacred Bones Records

Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Wednesday 28th November, 2012 8:16AM

Sacred Bones Records are a New York-based label who are celebrating their fifth anniversary this December with a showcase that will include the likes of Zola Jesus, Psychic Ills, Lust for Youth and Cult of Youth. We caught up with Caleb Braaten, founder of Sacred Bones to discuss why he started the label and the challenges an independent record label faces today.

How did Sacred Bones start?

Sacred Bones started off as a way to put out my friends records. Initially I wanted to focus mainly on reissues, and be vinyl only. But things don't always go the way you plan.

There seems to be a pretty definitive sound to the label: what drew you to that sound?

I think that there's a particular vibe to the label. Not necessarily a sound. It's not really intentional. It's just what I like.

Sacred Bones is a largely electronic label, based in Brooklyn right? There's a pretty strong lineage of that sound in that place: how do you feel a part of it, or different from that?

Again, I don't really see the label as an electronic label. We certainly have plenty of electronic bands, but not enough to say we're an electronic label. I do like to think that we are part of that scene in NYC regardless of that though.

What is it about an artist that makes you want to sign them?

We have to like the people who make the music first. Second it just has to feel right.

How do you find most of the artists you sign?

It's hard to say, usually through friends of friends. Seeing bands at shows, etc.

The internet has changed the music industry forever and always. How do you think it has made running an independent record label easier or harder?

Well it's pretty hard now. I'm not sure how easy it was before the internet, I'm sure it wasn't ever easy, but I think there was more of an opportunity to sell more records.

You put a lot of effort into packaging and design of your product: tell me a little bit about the design and production process and what you think it adds to the overall product?

David (Head of Sacred Bones Design) and I definitely toil over every little detail. In the end I think it makes our records nicer, because we notice all the little things.

Looking ahead to 2013: what releases are you guys excited about and what are you looking forward to achieving?

There are a lot of exciting records coming up for us in 2013, new records by The Men, Vår, Psychic Ills, Case Studies, and that's just the first few months! We're working on some cool reissues as well. I dare say it might be better than 2012.


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