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Kody Nielson

Kody Nielson

Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Monday 15th July, 2013 8:49AM

Back when The Mint Chicks were a thing (RIP), Kody Nielson gained reputation for being less than amiable to work with; what with all the fights, smashing of gear, kidnapping and the like. It makes sense then that when we asked him to explain each track of his latest solo album, Devils, he simply provided the dictionary definitions of their titles. Precocious and annoying? Yes. But we tolerate it because his sonic accomplishments are phenomenal and this latest release is no exception. Take from his explanations what you will, and listen to the album, below.

Kody Nielson is playing Converse's 'Get Loud' event with The Raw Nerves this Thursday 19th July. Head over here for more information.

Living in a state of nature, not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal.
Growing or produced without cultivation or the care of humans, as plants, flowers, fruit, or honey.
Uncultivated, uninhabited.
Uncivilized or barbarous.
Of unrestrained violence, fury, intensity, etc.; violent; furious: wild strife; wild storms.

Theology: the supreme spirit of evil; Satan.
A subordinate evil spirit at enmity with God, and having power to afflict humans both with bodily disease and with spiritual corruption.
An atrociously wicked, cruel, or ill-tempered person.
Person who is very clever, energetic, reckless, or mischievous.

An evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell: he was possessed by an evil demon each of the damned souls was guarded by a group of hideous demons.
A cruel, evil, or unmanageable person: I was a demon.
A powerful, often destructive compulsion or obsession: he is plagued by demons which go back to his childhood.
Something very insidious and harmful.

Almost evil, but humourous.
Love spelled backwards.

Morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked.
Harmful; injurious.
Characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous.

'Hell V T-Rex':
The place or state of punishment of the wicked after death; the abode of evil and condemned spirits.
Any place or state of torment or misery.
Something that causes torment or misery.
The powers of evil.
The abode of the dead; Sheol or Hades.
Extreme disorder or confusion, chaos.
Tyrannosaurus meaning "tyrant lizard" because of its size and large teeth and claws (Greek tyrannos = "tyrant" + sauros = "lizard"; Latin rex = "king"), also known colloquially as T. rex and "The King of the Dinosaurs".


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