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Interviewed by
Glen Meltzer
Monday 5th August, 2013 12:05PM

Dynamic Auckland noise-punk trio Caroles have just released their debut album Hollow Trophy. The band needed to put in some serious effort to record it before one band member moved to Wellington. UnderTheRadar had a chat with the group to hear how they managed to come out with such a well-formed album in such a short amount of time, and what else they're up to.

Caroles last week released their first full album, how did the project come about?

In early June we recorded the skeleton of the album at my girlfriend's bach in Orere Point. We did it all in one day except for the last track on the album, which we recorded just before we left for the post-smangin-it buzz. And then we did vocals and overdubs in my room the following week.

Has studying audio production changed the way you approach writing the album and the way you develop new music?

Nah, that just made stuff sound better!

Have you been working with an outside producer for the album at all?

No, just three boys.

After releasing Caroles' first EP early this year, what made you guys want to put together a full album so quickly?

That EP was live recordings from our bFM In Session. We really wanted to make something on our own, out of the city and that felt like a full body of work, not just a random mix of songs. Reuben was moving to Wellington so we had to get it done before he left. We recorded it the weekend before he moved away.

Is there going to be a physical release (e.g. Vinyl, Cassette) planned?

We planned to make these booklets/CDs with our friends' art and stuff but it's hard to organise shit when you live in different cities and have no money. We're talking about a 7 inch for our next release.

What's in the works for the year ahead?

We have no idea, I guess it depends on how much people like this album. The only plan we have is to play shows and record more.

You moved up to Auckland semi-recently, does being in a smaller town effect the kind of music you become influenced by growing up?

Hugh and I pretty much were the catamaran of 'weird' music in our district. The only way we would hear about cool bands was through the Internet. I would say that we were less influenced musically than most hunks that grow up in the city. Although we spent a lot of time alone in our bedrooms making nuggety shit, so maybe isolation was an influence.

You're all quite proficient as solo artists, with Reuben also playing as Totems, how did your latest project CHEATS come about?

Probably because we all suck at sports and accounting. CHEATS started last year when I wanted to make a guitar album. Previously I was playing as Career Girls which was a lo-fi, chillwave, keyboard and drum machine kinda buzz which morphed into a beat making project (s/o kcb). I wanted to continue writing songs and CHEATS was born. Hugh makes killer shit but no one knows about it because he doesn't tell people. Check it out:

Is it quite a departure putting yourself out there as a solo artist compared to being in a band?

I'm just one dude trying to surf. Caroles are like three dudes on jetskis smoking weed and eating pizza.

Have you been able to translate CHEATS into a live set at all?

I have been playing my old stuff live which is just guitar and singing. I'm organising a live band to help me out for this album.

What the shit is lobster rock?

Lobster Rock is when you think to yourself, "Dude, this is like there maaaaan. It's not like skateboarding or pop music or aeroplanes, it's likeā€¦ there man".