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Dictaphone Blues

Dictaphone Blues

Interviewed by
Danielle Street
Monday 1st December, 2014 4:08PM

This Friday will see the release of Mufti Day, the highly anticipated album from indie-pop actDictaphone Blues, the musical project helmed by Eddie Castelow. The record, which was laid down at The Lab in Auckland, has already spawned a couple of top-notch radio friendly singles starting with the narrative 'Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave', which was followed by the hypochondriac-themed Emily Edrosa collaboration '365'. With the album's release just around the corner, and a coinciding five-date tour about to kick-off, we decided to catch up with Castelow to try and demystify the musician by asking some questions based around his song titles.....

Have you ever experienced it when your HEART BREAKS LIKE A WAVE?

Yes. I'd say twice. I tend to be a lot more guarded with my insides nowadays. They'd have to be a very special person for me to want to paddle out the back and hang ten on their gnarly wave.

What was the most memorable thing on LANCE'S TAPE

I have never seen it! This song is loosely based on a pornographic VHS that did the rounds at a Dunedin High School. If you asked the right person, you got lent it, took a dub and returned it. I was talking to a friend about how in the old days there wasn't an internet to find things of that ilk, you either had to have the nads to walk into the adult section of Video Ezy or do your best to record Red Shoe Diaries without being caught.

Describe the colour of a CRYPTIC LIPSTICK..

It's a different colour on every person and never the same twice, that's the problem.

It’s MUFTI DAY at school… what do you wear?

Bata Bullets, Stussy or Body Glove T-Shirt, Chicago Bulls cap and cargo pants.

Aside from the normal stuff (breathing,eating) what’s one thing you do 365 DAYS a year?

Wish I was Emily Edrosa.

How do you feel about the new PREPAID FARE cards for public transport around Auckland?

I used to take the bus all the time but I haven't for over a year, have they done that have they? Pleading ignorance on this one guys.

What was the last film that made you WELL UP?

Dirty Dancing.

Describe a scenario where you might just WINK AND WATCH…

When you are lost for words.

Tell us about a time when you gave COUNTLESS APOLOGIES?

Premature ejaculation. Am I right fellas? HOLLA!!!..... guys..... yeah...ummm... guys??

FIZZY WATER or still… which do you prefer?

Fizzy for sure.

How do you deal with a GREAT GIRLFRIEND IGNORER?

Ignore them back or call them out.

Dictaphone Blues kicks off a five-date nationwide tour on Friday 5th December in Dunedin. Head over here for more details and to buy tickets.