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Salad Boys

Salad Boys

Interviewed by
Ben Coley
Monday 9th March, 2015 1:37PM

Christchurch-based trio Salad Boys are just about to embark on a jaunt around the country opening for Parquet Courts on their Noise Zealand tour. The band had a relatively quiet 2014, but have spent the last 18 months slowly chipping away at a new album which is almost finished and will be released later this year. UnderTheRadar caught up with Joe Sampson, the main man behind Salad Boys, to talk about what the band have been up to, discuss the tour, new album and the various other side projects Joe is involved with...

Hey Joe, how's it going?

Great thanks. Just drinking some soda water, turns out I liked the fizz and not the sugar. Also learning some covers for a party show this afternoon. Should be fun.

Salad Boys have been a little quiet of late. But you are getting back out on the road and will be touring the country opening for Parquet Courts. How did that come about?

Well Michael McClelland was responsible for that one. He's bringing them over and asked Salad Boys to join them on tour, which was fantastic, thanks for that one Michael! It's kind of helped us get back into action. We have been active the whole time we've been a band, but we haven't been charging on any big idea and kind of floundering, we're all busy lads.

Any new music in the pipeline? Have you been recording?

Yes, we have a new album about to drop. We've been working on it for about 18 months which is far too long to work on an album. I really wouldn't recommend making music that way and most people with half a brain would agree. We recorded the drums in a studio and have done the rest in various spots since. It's coming together pretty well and will be completed at the end of this month for release in the second half of the year.

Can you tell us a little more about the process?

In the case of the new album, it's been pretty spread out, directionless and vague. They all sound like negative things, and I guess in a way they are, but I'm not complaining. We've spent a lot of time really sussing out a certain set of details, the bits that create romance. The music is specifically aimed at no one in particular and I think romance is essential if you want to be that unappealing.

People often describe your music as being heavily influenced by Flying Nun and the "New Zealand sound". Are those influences coming through on the new recordings?

Yes and no. It's a tough one to answer and to get my head around. We all like all those bands, loads of people do. We're from New Zealand so there's a connection geographically. To be honest Garageland are the greatest band ever to come out of New Zealand, I don't think there's anything wrong with us ripping off their sound completely. I guess it brings us closer to a shot at the big time. If only we'd written those songs!

What are the plans once the record is done?

We're planning a trip to the US this year, just trying to figure out a way to do it peacefully. There's a crew over there who have expressed interest in us going over. We'll see, it’s currently in the early stage but it is exciting times. Plenty on the to-do list, fun times ahead.

As well as Salad Boys, you play in a few other bands. T54, Dance Asthmatics, 83 Girls and a solo project as Cheers Bud/Seth Africa, have you been working on any material with them as well?

All of those bands have been working on a tonne of stuff and there is plenty to finish off. The Asthmatics have a new EP in the works and T54 have 18 new songs recorded. These things take time though and I hate being vague, but who knows? I played my first solo show the other night opening for J Mascis, it was terrifying but it turned out well. I've got a couple more booked, one with Liam Finn at the Wunderbar and one in Auckland. I've also got some unfinished Seth Africa and '83 Girls recordings too. In fact, everything's unfinished.

On top of all that, you also run the Melted Ice Cream record label. How is everything going? Many new releases coming out this year?

Great, thanks. Being a trio is really encouraging. We're about to launch a "cassingle series" this month, first up being a Dance Asthmatics single, followed by Anthony Pascoe, and then who knows what after that. We're all pretty excited. It feels good to be doing something godsent/legendary.

Most of the bands on Melted Ice Cream are from Christchurch, how is the current music scene there?

I doubt it's ever changed, my perspective on the Christchurch music scene (if you call this a scene, if you call anything that resembles a music scene a scene) is identical to someone else's perspective 28 years ago, someone else in my shoes. Their perspective has probably changed over time as they're older and they've been through personal changes, like I will, but I bet you they never felt romantic about any of it, just like I don't in 2015.

Thanks Joe, look forward to seeing you on tour!

I'll be seeing you sooner than you may think.

Enjoy this video for 'I'm A Mountain' from Salad Boys' 2013 self-titled release...

Salad Boys are supporting Parquet Courts on their four-date New Zealand tour which kicks off tonight with a sold-out show at the Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland. Head over here for details and tickets for the Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin performances.


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