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The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation

Interviewed by
Danielle Street
Wednesday 2nd September, 2015 11:35AM

Wellington outfit The Phoenix Foundation lifted the lid on their sixth full-length album Give Up Your Dreams last month. Released through British record label Memphis Industries, the 10-track record is a wonderful serving of technicoloured pop, peppered with "buoyant melodies, snappy drumbeats and a squadron of swirly synths", as reviewer Paul Larsen aptly put it. With the six-piece about to set off on a national outing to support the album's release, UnderTheRadar got in touch with bandmember Conrad Wedde and posed him 10 questions cobbled from the track names from Give Up Your Dreams, with entertaining and insightful results...

How do you cope with stress when you are under a MOUNTAIN of work?

Forge a magic item utilising the power of the mountain and continue the ascent + keep breathing.

BOB LENNON, JOHN DYLAN… names can be confusing sometimes. What’s the strangest name you’ve ever been called?


Possums are pretty good at PLAYING DEAD. If you were to fake your own death, where on Earth would you hide out?

That would be telling... suffice to say it would have good natural resources.

What is the best way to cook a PRAWN?

In a pot of hot soup with noodles...sorry prawns.

The character JASON from the film Friday the 13th is pretty terrifying. What is your favourite horror film?

Probably still Romero's original Dawn of the Dead movie... one I keep coming back to, the end of the world in the mall seems a fitting end for humanity.

CELESTIAL BODIES, such as asteroids, moons and planets are pretty amazing. What do you reckon the chances are that one of them supports alien lifeforms?

They are pretty amazing! Quite likely there's space beings out's kind of a distraction though, there is so much amazing life on earth that is not properly looked after.

Can you describe what a SILENT ORB is?

A thing of great power and the ability to wield it wisely

Have you ever visited a SUNBED?

Not yet... prefer to keep sun and bed separate.

Have you ever had to GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS?

One time I dreamed about a giant orange alligator in Wellington, really giant.

What schoolyard/childhood MYTH stuck with you for too long?

When I was really little I thought Paraparaumu was Australia.

The Phoenix Foundation are kicking off a nationwide tour later this month, head over here for more information and to buy tickets.


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