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The Mummies

The Mummies

Interviewed by
Burnley Madgwick
Wednesday 2nd March, 2016 10:18AM

The Kings Of Budget Rock are finally making their way to New Zealand for two shows next week. For those of you new to the party - The Mummies perform completely swathed in bandages, using the oldest equipment they can find and they are WILD!! In a rare moment, UTR's intrepid writer Burnley Madgwick was able to get some answers from the elusive Trent Ruane, singer and keyboard player from The Mummies...

UTR: Where are The Mummies at, at the moment?

Just starting to crown; touching cloth; turtle head. I'm not sure what the colloquial term is in NZ.

Why are you so well dressed compared to the poorly dressed bands of today?

Image is everything to us. And decisiveness. Decisiveness is everything to us.

The Mummies keep going but what has happened to Sympathy For The Record Industry?

Never heard of them.

"Vinyls" has become a common term here - how do you deal with this terrible use of the English language?

We're American. We're only does terrible English.

You do know we pronounce "garage" differently to Americans?

Yes, we do. And you do know we pronounce just about everything else differently than Kiwis?

During WW2 we had 100,000 US troops in Auckland - they were referred to as seppos - slang for septic tank - a rhyming slang for yank. There was also the reference Overpaid, Oversexed, and over here. How should we refer to The Mummies during their visit?

Over The Hill.

Any budget rock regrets?

Yeah, not charging more.

Are you better than The Gories?

Well, we do have a bass player.

Are there any questions you would like answered while you are in New Zealand?

Yeah, when do we get paid?

The Mummies will be tearing things up at Whammy Bar in Auckland with support from The Admiral  and X-Ray Fiends on Saturday 12th March. Then on Sunday 13the March they will be wreaking havoc in Wellington with support from Tape Wolves and Labretta Suede. Head over here to buy tickets.


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