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The Exploited Headed To New Zealand In December

The Exploited Headed To New Zealand In December

Thursday 27th August, 2015 11:10AM

Scottish street punks The Exploited are coming to New Zealand in December for three shows. The Edinburgh-formed outfit burst onto the scene in 1981 with their no frills debut Punks Not Dead, which paid homage to working class ethos and the 70s punk movement. More than 30 years later, the group have survived many line up changes with vocalist Wattie Buchan remaining at the core, and word has it that the band has been writing material for a new album due out later this year. Here are the details for their upcoming tour...

The Exploited

Friday 4th December, Allen St Rock Club, Christchurch
Saturday 5th December, San Fran, Wellington
Sunday 6th December, Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland

Tickets will be available HERE at UTR from 9am, Wednesday 2nd September.

Get nostalgic with the clip for 'Fuck The USA'...



The Exploited ARE punk rock !!

The first wave of British punk was a bust. Sid was dead and the Pistols signed Ronnie Biggs as their new singer, The Clash were adopting rock star poses, the Damned wanted to be goths, and the Buzzcock’s Pete Shelley bought a synthesizer.

But in Edinburgh ex-Squaddie Wattie Buchan and his mates were seriously pissed off. Angry at what they saw happening around them - a country in disarray with greedy politicians treating the people like shit; and with Johnny Rotten’s prediction of “No Future” become truer by the day, there was only one way forward – embrace the music that had given you so much and give it something back… your entire life!

Thus were spawned THE EXPLOITED.

Their debut album “Punks Not Dead” launched a new breed of politically outspoken anarcho-punk bands and become the number one independent album of 1981, selling 150,000 copies and reaching number 20 in the national charts. A year later 'Troops Of Tomorrow' was released and is now recognized as one of the all-time classic punk albums. This is a band that has inspired generations of punks, from originals such as Discharge, Agnostic Front and Anti-Flag right through to modern punk bands, and speed metal icons such as Anthrax & Slayer.

Anyone unsure of what The Exploited stand for need only read the label on the tin: the band’s albums include ‘Death Before Dishonour’, ‘Beat The Bastards’ and ‘Fuck The System’; and over the decades The Exploited have remained steadfastly true to their roots - never selling out, and never bowing down. The Exploited are fiercely socially and politically aware, covering everything from the Criminal Justice Act to the increasing use of Big Brother CCTV and never wavering from their anti-authoritarian, anti-war stance.

The Exploited are just as relevant today as they were in 1980 and with the band’s loyal squadron of fans The Barmy Army in tow, The Exploited are set to unleash 35 years of fury upon Australian and New Zealand.


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