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Here's Five: Le Butcherettes

Here's Five: Le Butcherettes

Tuesday 5th January, 2016 10:00AM

Le Butcherettes have had a particularly productive spurt over the last couple of years. The Guadalajaran garage punk group, which is fronted by the bewitching Teri Gender Bender, put out their sophomore album Cry Is For The Flies in 2014, and quickly followed it up with A Raw Youth last September. Inspired by her surrounds as well as social themes, we asked Teri to share with us some of her favourite tracks from the Le Bucherettes back catalogue and the stories that go with them...

1. Black Head (Bonus track, Cry Is For The Flies, 2014)
A song about an uncontrolled urge to eat the black heads of the many faced God.

2. I'm Getting Sick of You (Sin Sin Sin, 2011)

It is assumed that it was written about a lover or a society but in reality it's about self loathing.

3. Lonely & Drunk (A Raw Youth, 2015)
This song is about being fucked over by people in the music industry. You end up feeling like there is no point anymore. Lonely and drunk people are better off.

4. Stab My Back (A Raw Youth, 2015)
I wrote this song in a closet in sunny San Diego during long run of self induced depression and stuffing my face with Hagen Daas ice cream.

5. La Uva (A Raw Youth, 2015)
This song is in Spanish with Iggy Pop. Duet. It is about imaginary unity with earth after life. The grape is squashed going into the afterlife joining the skies to continue rooting for the living to find illumination.


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