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Listen: Angry Angles - Things Are Moving (Jay Reatard)

Listen: Angry Angles - Things Are Moving (Jay Reatard)

Tuesday 23rd February, 2016 1:15PM

A previously unreleased version of Angry Angles' energetic cut 'Things Are Moving' has emerged as Goner Records prepare to release a 17-song album of complete recorded works of the short-lived band. The group, which was formed in 2005 by the late Jay Reatard and his girlfriend Alix Brown, released a handful of singles - but before a proper album could be laid down the couple split, putting an end to Angry Angles - and Jay went on to record his solo debut Blood Vision.

'Things Are Moving' has surfaced online in a rough-as-guts version lifted from 7-inch, but this previously unearthed offering is a more well-crafted affair. Take a listen...


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