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Video: Beth Orton - 1973

Video: Beth Orton - 1973

Wednesday 4th May, 2016 10:43AM

Beth Orton, who started her musical career in the mid-90s singing with the Chemical Brothers, is returning to her electronic roots with the release of new single '1973'. The track is lifted from her upcoming album Kidsticks, which was produced with aide from Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons and is due for release at the end of the month.

The song has been released with a video by photographer Tierney Gearon, who took Orton out to the desert to capture some wonderfully trippy imagery. Orton says of then work: "The idea of identity lost and found runs throughout the record. '1973' plays with this idea of memory and reality. There's a surreal nature to Tierney's work that I love, as well as her use of the Californian landscape and light. When Tierney and I met we decided to do the album artwork and also shoot footage too. Not in the way of a pop video but more as she might an art piece." Take a look below...


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