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The Veils Announce New Album Co-Produced By EL-P

The Veils Announce New Album Co-Produced By EL-P

Tuesday 24th May, 2016 10:35AM

Last year American hip hop producer EL-P let slip that he was working on a project with New Zealand-formed-London-based group The Veils, and finally some concrete details have emerged. The collaboration has resulted in a full-length album titled Total Depravity, which sees EL-P pull up a co-producers chair alongside Adam “Atom” Greenspan and Veils frontman Finn Andrews, who says of the new record:

"Over a period of roughly two years an album began to take shape. There is a large cast of characters on this record. L. Ron Hubbard, Axolotls of course, kind natured crocodiles, a psychotic truck driver, The Pope and Ingrid Bergman all get a look in. The songs are all stories of various kinds; some experienced firsthand, others fabricated for my own amusement. It’s the first time I’ve ever written songs using mutilated loops and sounds as a starting point, though some of the songs also began on piano and were messed with later.

The record is due out 26th August, and while there's nothing to hear yet, you can check out the artwork and tracklist below...

Total Depravity:

01 Axolotl
02 A Bit on the Side
03 Low Lays the Devil
04 King of Chrome
05 Swimming With the Crocodiles
06 Here Come the Dead
07 In the Blood
08 Iodine & Iron
09 House of Spirits
10 Do Your Bones Glow at Night?
11 In the Nightfall
12 Total Depravity


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