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Here's Five: Bob Cardy (Shaft)

Here's Five: Bob Cardy (Shaft)

Tuesday 26th July, 2016 10:30AM

This coming Friday the legendary Bob Cardy-led garage rock group Shaft will be making a special appearance at the inaugural DarkSpace festival in Christchurch - alongside a killer line up of The Situations (who also double as members of Shaft), Minisnap, NakeyThe Dance Asthmatics, and Wurld Series. In anticipation of this monumental event we dug up Cardy and asked him to share five of his favourite songs from the Shaft back catalogue - and instead he ingeniously gave us five "surprising things people have told me I was singing". Enjoy!!!

1. How Long (Pooty EP, 1996)
This is supposed to be a spooky song about sex and death, but the line “The grey tits of Gretchen bled and we gave David Hasselhoff head” has been quoted back to me as “The greatest of kitchen bread and wee gay Davy’s half a hogshead,” so less Great Balls of Fire/more Great Bills of Fare!

2. Ginger’s Kisses (Open Sesame, 2004)

Actual lyrics: “Ginger’s kisses were the best of all.” Some drunken audience members’ version: “Gin jar schizos world tour festival.”

3. Rosy Diamond (Open Sesame, 2004)

In which “Dan Zlobody’s mule is sick, what are we gonna do?” has been misheard and recited back as “Dance the body music, what a wee gun, adieu.” Osibisa?! O.C. bee, sir!

4. Inside (Down At Your Life, 2006)

Two mishears here: “Bought a place to keep us occupied” has come back “Border plates to heat our ox-cube pies” (Great Bills of Fare again!); “Listen to the lapping waters” turned into “Listing to the laughing warthogs.”

5. Meteor In Your Mind (upcoming new single)
This song has been played at gigs for many years now. Clearly I am singing about a great ball of fire, however unexpected its metaphorical location, but various listeners have variously tried to convince me I’m describing a brain – “Meaty ore in your mind!” – a possessive gentleman’s penis – “Meaty oar & you’re mine!” – or making some kind of pro-vegetarian statement – “Meaty awe injures minds!”

UPDATE: The song has now been released!! Enjoy below...

will be performing at DarkSpace Festival alongside Nakey, The Situations, Minisnap, The Dance Asthmatics, and Wurld Series this Friday 29th July, which is being held across Darkroom and Space Academy in Christchurch. Head over here for more information and to buy tickets.


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