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Video: Hex - The Moon (UTR Premiere)

Video: Hex - The Moon (UTR Premiere)

Wednesday 12th October, 2016 10:27AM

After premiering their enchanting single 'The Moon' last month, Wellington pagan-metal trio Hex have given us the honour of unveiling the accompanying video. Conjured up by bandmember GG Van Newton, the grainy clip ties together the song's thematic strings of relationships and parenting, and comes on the cusp of the three-piece kicking off their four-date tour this weekend. Watch the video and read our chat with Kiki Van Newtown - and make sure you check out their tour dates below...

The clip for ‘The Moon’ documents family moments beside the Hutt River, what made you want to pair these images with this song?

GG wrote the song and made the video too. She decided to film us with her old Canon Powershot camera one morning when we went to the river. It was drizzling and chilly, and she had Merlyn on her back and was filming while I was chasing Xan and our dog Tofu around. The song is about a little girl who is a miniature powerhouse, who embodies clarity, and who is a moon child. And that is the kids we're raising. The video has lots of long slow images, repetition, fuzziness. It's much like parenting - long, slow, lots of waiting, indistinct, and in the end a constant return to letting go of somebody that you love very much. The video is a window into this process of staying still while facilitating somebody else's growth.

Recently Kiki penned a piece about parenting for the Spinoff that was honest and vulnerable and powerful all at once. Did you feel any apprehension in sharing such a personal insight to your lives?

I didn't really think about it to be honest. I'm not really great at thinking about possible reactions to things I do before I do them, which is probably 70% blessing and the rest curse! I have quite an obsession with perzines and I adore lofi autobiography. I basically just really love hearing how other people are figuring out this crazy thing called life, and writing has always been a way for me to figure shit out too. So many people wrote such lovely comments, or shared their experiences with me after reading this, and it just felt really great, like a big giant communal cry.

You’ve got some out-of-town dates over the next couple of weekends, what are you looking forward to most?

I think we're all looking forward to catching up with friends and making new friends and eating heaps of food. We are also super excited about all the great bands we are getting to play with! Personally, I cannot wait to hit some op-shops between Dunedin and Christchurch, and go to Hamilton Gardens and just freak out about all the plants.

And what’s on the cards for the future for Hex??

Summer festivals, more art, camping trips, hanging out in Masterton, and finishing our album! We are aiming to have it out early next year, if the Universe cooperates, and then we'll play a bunch of shows here and in Australia where we are going on a band trip to see Patti Smith play Horses in Melbourne OMG OMG OMG!

Hex 'Sea / Moon' Tour

Friday 14th October, The Crown, Dunedin w/ WOMB and Astro Children
Saturday 15th October, Darkroom, Christchurch w/ The Hex Waves and Instant Fantasy
Friday 21st October, Whammy Bar, Auckland w/ sere and BOZO
Saturday 22nd October, Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton w/ BOZO and Blue Cross


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