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UTR Premiere: Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole

UTR Premiere: Unsanitary Napkin - Trumphole

Wednesday 2nd November, 2016 9:22AM

Ever since Wellington anarcho punks Unsanitary Napkin released their six-song EP back in April it's been on heavy rotation here in the UTR offices, so we're absolutely stoked to be premiering their brand new offering, 'Trumphole'. The fiery cut is set to be featured on the group's upoming debut album Patriotic Grooves (which is available for vinyl/digital pre-order over here) and comes complete with a fantastic video carved out by bandmember Hannah Salmon. Check it out below, and then read our interview with the band below...

Hi Unsanitary Napkin!! Can you please introduce yourselves for us. Who you all are and what you do??

Hannah sings and plays guitar, Rupert plays bass, Ben plays drums.

Obviously judging from the artwork from your EP, and now your single ‘Trumphole’ you’re not big fans of Donald. At this stage do you think there is a very real chance of him winning next week’s presidential election?

It seems unlikely at this point, but also really difficult to predict. How crazy is it that we live in a time where we’re having to seriously consider the possibility that such an enormous turd might be in a position of immense global power in a week’s time?!

Your Trump artwork from the EP has garnered a bit of attention in the States. That must have been a bit of a buzz?

Hah yeah it’s been an interesting few weeks. Hannah did that artwork 10 months ago when it was starting to become clear just how much of a sexist asshole he is, but we could never have predicted that it would all be revealed in such a bizarro shitstorm of misogyny. Or that the image of a vagina destroying him with rainbows would be quite so relevant.

It’s been really nice to see the image resonate with so many people in the US, and we’ve been having to send a bunch of shirts over. And we get to read some very interesting commentary about the artwork online. Top 3 fave comments: “The only thing wrong with it is that it shows brains coming out of his head”. Closely followed by “If he is so bad for what he said, what does this say about the creator of this cartoon?”, and, translated from Spanish, “"A Conical "Beam" blew that accumulation of cholesterol and stools that trump had for brains.")

Being so far away in New Zealand it’s easy to feel kind of powerless or detached in the face of all this absurdity, but we wanted to contribute some tiny token of solidarity to the many many nice people in the US who are seriously having to deal with the possibility of a giant fascist racist misogynist clown coming to power. It’s hard to imagine how that would feel for anyone who happens to be LGBTQI, or hispanic, or black, or a woman, or anything other than an over-inflated middle-aged rich white man.

Can you tell us a little bit about how the video for 'Trumphole' came together?

The initial intention was actually to make a three-second gif of the demo tape artwork. But then Trump just kept saying and doing more and more ridiculous shit that prompted Hannah to make more art in response, which we kept animating, and all of a sudden there was a whole video...

We understand ‘Trumphole’ is from your upcoming album… when can we expect that to be released?

Yes! We’re releasing our first full-length record in a couple of weeks, called Patriotic Grooves (with the help of NZ punk labels Zero Style, Always Never Fun and Limbless).

As well as letting Donald know how we feel about him, the 11 tracks also deal with several shrivelled Trump-like icons closer to home, including supreme d-bag Mike Hosking and our very own pony-tail-grabbing oligarch John Key. Plus a Devo cover for good measure!

The album is just about to come back from the pressing plant now, so we’re taking pre-orders from today onwards. And we’re touring the South and North Islands in November and December with the All Seeing Hand and E/N/T.

Patriotic Grooves is being released 14th November, click here to pre-order your copy.


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