Listen/Watch: King Woman - Deny

Listen/Watch: King Woman - Deny

Wednesday 25th January, 2017 11:10AM

San Francisco dream-doom band King Woman have shared new single 'Deny' (with accompanying video) as they inch closer to releasing their debut full-length record. Titled Created In The Image Of Suffering, the album has been listed as one of the '10 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2017' by Consequence of Sound, and listening to this haunting tune it's easy to see why. Speaking about the confrontational video for the song, vocalist Kristina Esfandiari commented:

"The video for ‘Deny' is a depiction of the shadow aspect in Jungian psychology. It's about the inner darkness buried deep within the subconscious. In the video you see this portion of the mind surfacing and coaxing the preacher into his truest form; drawing out the aspects of himself which he loathes because it doesn't fit in with his beliefs.

In church, I saw others being raised with a rod in their backs, trying to fight their own carnality - buried in shame and guilt. The belief was to deny anything inside of themselves that was considered ugly or wrong, and instead attain a pristine image. With this video we aimed to paint a picture of how tormenting and exhausting it is to wrestle with your true self.”

The record is due out 24th February via Relapse Records, in the meantime soak this up..


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