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Stream Human Resource's Self-Titled Debut EP

Stream Human Resource's Self-Titled Debut EP

Thursday 23rd February, 2017 12:10PM

Auckland post-hardcore four-piece Human Resource have let loose their long awaited debut EP. Recorded in the depths of K' Road by Rohan Evans of Arcade Recordings, the four songs on the EP feature stabs of noisy, heavily processed guitars and bass that provide an ever-changing, unforgiving landscape for Tali Williams’ fierce vocal delivery of sardonic storytelling which drips with discontent at the state of society. The lyrical content feels both deeply personal as well as immensely unifying to the sense of growing political unrest in our present post-truth Trump era. 

Engage in the discourse below…

We were first introduced to Human Resources late last year, but for the uninitiated, can you tell us bought you together as a band, musically and idealistically?

Stephen, Liam and Tali worked together as union organisers. We would over hear music the other was listening to and say ‘hey, isn’t that My Disco?’ etc thus realizing we had similar tastes in music. We were equal parts disturbed and amused at the Human Resources people we had to negotiate with in our work. There terminologies were macabre – such as ‘ We need to make efficiencies’ instead of the reality which is ‘ We need to sack a bunch of people so we can make more profit.” Always dressing up the shit. We all came from other bands so had respect for each other's musical proficiency we thought hell let's grab that Richie guy whose wild on the drums and lets jam. The rest is history.

The music on the EP is a constant change of valleys and peaks. How do you craft these sonic journeys?

A lot of this comes from focusing on dynamic changes within Tali's vocals and aiming to provide a backdrop that provides space and accentuates the feelings and images that her poetry creates. By creating that space and tension it's possible to produce some incredibly cathartic music.

You recorded with the one and only Rohan Evans at Wine Cellar. What drew you to working with him?

Rohan has a great ear for the musicality of noise and enabled us to truly push ourselves as well as capturing the energy of us playing live in a room. Wine Cellar is a home for us and enabled us to feel comfortable and focused.

At times there sounds like synthesizers and organs. Are these overdubbed tracks or is it pedal mania?

The EP is recorded mostly live with limited overdubs. Most of the guitar noise is just Liam's signature too-many pedal setup through some really nice amps, courtesy of Rohan.

There are excerpts from poems included in the lyrics. What are the origins and significance of these?

Tali – 'The Masters Hand' is based on the poem by Clive Holden, Tell Me The Truth. Clive Holden is my favourite poet – his way with words is unrivalled – honest, disconcerting and incredibly rich with love. Another of the songs references a Arthur Rimbaud poem in which he speaks with true rage at the disparities between the King and the Paris Commune revolutionaries. The other poems I have written through the course of the past five years. They start off as urgent lines or meditations and eventually expand and settle very sadly/angrily on music.

Wanting resolve seems to be a prevalent theme lyrically. What would be your ideal way to achieve that socially?

Through solidarity amongst oppressed peoples.

Human Resource are performing at the following dates in Australian and NZ:

Friday 24th Feb, The Tote Hotel, Melbourne w/ Kollaps, Meter Men + Overtime
Saturday 25th Feb, Reverence Hotel, Melbourne w/ The World at a Glance, Protection + Kurdaitcha
Friday 3rd March, San Fran, Wellington w/ Goya + Unsanitary Napkin Friday 17th March, Whammy Bar, Auckland (Long Distance Runner EP release show)

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