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Here's Five: David Liebe Hart Shares His Favourite Cloud-Clearing Songs

Here's Five: David Liebe Hart Shares His Favourite Cloud-Clearing Songs

Tuesday 11th April, 2017 4:49PM

Actor, musician, puppeteer and self-professed alien abductee David Liebe Hart is landing on our shores next week for a four-show tour through the North Island. The Chicago-based outsider artist, who is perhaps most widely known for his appearances on Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, is coming with backing musician Jonah Mociun in tow to regale fans with a variety show that will encompass electronicised versions of David's old favourites, new songs with puppets, and charming tales of past relationships and paranormal encounters that are certain to put a smile on your dial. Ahead of his visit, David shared with us some of his favourite mood-lifting (and somewhat celestial-themed) songs....

1. The Three Degrees - 'When Will I See You Again'
This is my favorite rhythm and blues song. It's about a person that fears they're never gonna see they're lover again. But they have that memory and that faith that they're gonna see them just one more time.

2. Stevie Wonder - 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life'
The sun is the center of everything and makes everything grow. That's a very inspiring sun song I like.

3. Johnny Nash - 'I Can See Clearly Now'
No matter how many gloomy days there are, there's always gonna be a bright and sunny day that's gonna be better than the storm that just passed.

4. Paul Anka - 'You're Having My Baby'
It's wonderful when a child is brought to life; the joy that it brings to the parents and everybody.

5. Anne Murray "Shadows In The Moonlight"
That's one of my favorite songs, about the stars being so beautiful out there in the galaxy, and the shadows in the moonlight. The darkness is so beautiful with the shadows and the stars.

David Liebe Hart

Monday 17th April, Meow, Wellington
Tuesday 18th April, Totara St, Tauranga
Wednesday 19th April, Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Thursday 20th April, Whammy Bar, Auckland

Tickets HERE at UTR, Flying Out in Auckland and Slow Boat and RPM in Wellington



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Wed 19th Apr
Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Thu 20th Apr
Whammy Bar, Auckland

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